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Re: Injecting files into a running PCem/86Box machine

in PC Emulation
maybe, I don't understand the question, because PCem/86Box is using VHD for HDD image format - that is directly mountable as Windows drive: "Windows Computer Management --> Storage --> Disk Management --> Action --> Attach VHD" I wonder how you created PCem/86Box hdd image in the first place, …

Re: Heads Up: Roland Sound Canvas VA VSTi Plugin!

Trelokk wrote on 2023-01-17, 09:22: ...nothing sounds anywhere near the SC-55 right now... I still have my same old question about the RIAA IIR filtering: Re: About Roland Virtual Sound Canvas 3 and it's not applied just once, but twice. IMHO, it still needs serious investigation than be taken as a …

Re: Heads Up: Roland Sound Canvas VA VSTi Plugin!

Here is the latest Win x64 build of EmuSC , if you want to try it. here are the results from my very brief test: 1. the "power-button" is not visible to me, at least not on my old CRT - I am not sure if that's brightness issue with my particular CRT or what, but it caused huge confusion, I was …

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