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Re: FastDoom. A new Doom port for DOS, optimized to be as fast as possible for 386/486 personal computers!

I ran a series of timedemos again, and they've improved quite a bit since v0.6 . It's running above 40FPS now! I never tested 0.666 so I don't know which release gave the biggest speed boost. If you want to know, I can test 0.666 as well. System: Am486 DX4 120MHz, no L2, 16MB, Tseng ET4000/W32 1MB …

Re: Adventure games for beginners

I remember Flight of the Amazon Queen and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis being very comfortable to play. Full Throttle was also okay, except you have to remember that the real time action sequences are also puzzles. Those gave me the biggest problems. I never played them seriously but the …

Re: Post pics of your CRT monitors

They are. Although the Sony's anti-reflective coating is a bit scratched. Not much of an issue when you use it. That coating had "gone off" in a NOS Sony screen I found a while back - darkened the whole image. I painstakingly cleaned it all off and the image was nice and bright, but the tube was …

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