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Re: DOS32AWE - DOS/4G compatible DOS Extender with Sound Blaster AWEUTIL MIDI synthesizer support for Protected mode,V

See, that was the problem. He uploaded his tool, but people couldn't be bothered to upload that little thing he asked for, he had to get it himself. That's when he felt disrespected. It may seem like a small thing but sometimes it can be the last straw. Just wanted to give a different perspective on …

Re: Maximum Network Speed on Win 95/98/SE

For raw throughput I would recommend iperf3, as it's simple, lightweight and powerful. You can run an iperf3 server on a known-good device on your LAN (i.e. modern PC) and then run the client on your Win9x. Server: iperf3 -s Client: iperf3 -c [server IP] Note: iperf3 seems to be unsupported on …

Re: Best Windows 95 Disk benchmark tool?

in Milliways
I was having a really hard time getting any benchmark to run on Windows 95 (RTM version, oldest). Roadkill's disk benchmark, HD tach, SiSoft Sandra 99 and 01 all crash with various DLL or page fault errors. The only thing that worked for me was SiSoft Sandra 98 (somewhat hard to find. Found it on …

Re: Low peformance in Vietcong: Fist Alpha, on old PC

in Windows
I'd say you need an Athlon 64 system to fully enjoy this game. Can confirm this helps. I'm now playing it on my WinXP box with an Athlon 64 X2 5200+ and GTX275, at 1600x1200. Vsync on, and it's like butter. GPU use is pretty low, occasionally spiking to 50%. CPU use generally much higher, and I've …

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