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Re: phases of vintage computer interest

in Milliways
For me there are two phases: 1. Get new hardware, clean and repair it, then tweak and benchmark the hell out of it (the fun part) 2. Force myself to actually use it for more than 10 minutes until I realize that it isn't fun, then stash it away and never use it again.

Re: Windows 95 protection error

Can you do a logged boot (press F8 for boot menu, choose "boot logged") and then examine C:\bootlog.txt? Removing read-only is "attrib -r autoexec.bat". Might also need -h and -s if the hidden and system attribute is set for whatever reason. You could also try to remove all detected hardware with …

Re: Voodoo 2 compatibility and trustworthiness

It seems that some sell cards that are listed as "for parts only" for 280 USD. While allegedly working cards, might sell for 170 USD. But these are just listings, doesn't mean that they sell. I would always look at the seller's other items and sales history. Is it someone who sold other old …

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