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Re: Nearly finished Dos-98se-XP Setup

chinny22 wrote on 2020-01-30, 21:39: Nice setup, Duel boot is for wimps. everyone NEEDS a dedicated PC for each era 😉 And sometimes more. The more I shop around for parts, the longer my build list of period specific PCs gets, even having multiple systems for the same era. I might have a problem...

Re: Critique my current builds

Wait...so you missed out on doom, warcraft, c&c, xwing and tie fighter, and the entire era of the graphical adventure, and think you experienced the best of it? Granted coming on board for duke3d and quake and unreal is awesome.... Oh I didn't miss out on any of that. I played the crap out of Doom, …

Re: Critique my current builds

Why have two virtually identical Win98 builds...both with Voodoo2s?? Well, I bought the PIII 667 first, then bought a slot 1 mobo shortly after without realizing the Intel 440BX chipset only supports up to 100 MHz FSB, and the PIII I have is a 133 MHz FSB. Granted not a big deal to run the PIII …

Critique my current builds

First off, about me. I am not new to retro computing, as I am fortunate enough to be the perfect age to have lived through the best time period in PC history. I was 19 when I bought my very first PC in 1996/1997. It was a CTX with 200 MHz K6, 8 MB RAM and 2 GB HDD, and what I wouldn't give to have …

Differences between Voodoo2 boards

Hi all, so I currently have 2 Diamond Monster 3D II 12 MB boards and 3 STB Black Magic 12 MB boards, and wondering if there are any major differences between the different brands? I've heard there is slight image quality differences but I can't personally vouch for that. Other than my desire to …

Re: Post your 'current' PC

Custom build: MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Intel i7 4790k 24 GB RAM 2x ASUS Strix GTX 970s in SLI A few SSDs, m.2 for boot OS Corsair 850-watt PSU A few years old but still serves my purposes well. As long as I can continue to play my heavily modded Skyrim, I'm a happy clam.

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