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Re: K6-2+ 450, Asus VX97 Build

Funny, I bought the same case on ebay, probably from the same seller. XD I also paid more for the case than I probably should have, but how often are you going to find a NOS AT case? Mine is still in the box, no idea what I'm going to use it for yet. I have an ASUS TX-97 mobo laying around not …

Re: How to access HP recovery partition?

You might be able to boot from a Linux Live CD/USB and access the contents of the recovery partition that way. This is good enough if you just want to copy over some stock files like wallpapers, software, etc. This won't help because I can see the contents of the recovery partition, but they're a …

Re: How to access HP recovery partition?

F11 is definitely the right key. I'd bet someone has reinstalled windows of CD and broken the option. Don't know of any way to get into the recovery partition. Typically I get rid of them anyway. By the looks like the system came with Vista Home Premium x32. Not sure I'd be wanting to reinstall …

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