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Re: Voodoo 3500 Low Resolution with VGA Switcher

How do you know the VGA switch is the problem? I've never heard of this happening. There's a bunch of tests, like does it happen when the computers trade positions? Based on what's here I'd hazard to guess it's on the software side. Maybe clean out old drivers in safe mode or try a clean install of …

Re: Partially fried MB

Is it possible that only part of the mobo is fried? Definitely, and no guarantee that continuing to run it wont cascade into another failure point, so don't use parts that you that you want to keep but by all means continue to test it. Have you isolated failure point to the ISA slot? Do you think …

Re: Ti 4600 vs FX 5600 Ultra/5700

I've had good results overclocking a FX5500, stock 270/400 overclocked to 310/500, which puts it into FX5600 territory. The next step up would be the cards you're considering and for the performance gain I don't think they're worth the price. My system is similar to yours, an underclocked/ …

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