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Re: Crystal sound chip

dionb wrote on 2020-06-30, 14:52: Isn't the 4280 dependent on the AC'97 codec it's paired with? Have you tried installing drivers for that? Ill try jaZz_KCS suggestion. But never thought it would be such a hassle. Thanks for your suggestion 👍 But then again reviving 25year old stuff is fun!

Re: Crystal sound chip

This chip isnt bad at all. I do have a Vectra VEi8 HP MITAC OEM board as well. It should work with the drivers I have attached below. It will also install a TSR for Soundblaster compatibility in the autoexec.bat (VIAUDIO.com). In addition to that I have also added the VIAFMTSR.com for full FM sound …

Crystal sound chip

My HP Vectra vei 8 seems to have an intergrated Crystal sound chip 4280 onboard. Many trys to install right drivers with no succes in win98.... I guess its turned off in Bios. Does someone know wich setting (somewhere in integrated peripheral i think....) it is? Thanks!

Wich agp videocard?

I've revived a Compaq Desktop pro 2000. Its an pentium 3 1ghz with 512mb ram. A Nvidia Riva Tnt2 m64 32mb ram in it. It runs on windows 2000. I want to play Soldier of Fortune 2 on good quality but the graphics card is lacking in performance. What is considered the best (agp) card for this system. …

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