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Re: Orpheus II soundcard thread

To expand on what keropi just said - I'm definitely no expert compared to keropi and all these awesome guys designing those new cards but hopefully I will not make a fool of myself: The whole interest in those "new old cards" is that they're able to make games and other productions from that time …

Re: Is gaming a waste of time?

in Milliways
... Ahaha man, I promise I mean no offense, everyone's entitled to an opinion, but that was such a bad take and it only got worse by reading more of your answers. It is so obvious that you're using two different yardsticks to compare playing games (that you admitted to not particularly like) and …

Re: 20th Anniversary of Vogons

in Milliways
Happy Birthday Vogons! There's no other place like this one, what an amazing collection of information and resources! I noticed I was often better off making searches with "site:vogons.org" than letting search engines do their job 😁 I'll also be 40 next month...damned

Re: The moment you were hooked

in Milliways
I was 5 years old in 1987 when my dad purchased an IBM XT at work. They were replacing their computers and selling older ones to employees. I was instantly fascinated and hooked, and it never stopped and pushed me towards a career in IT. The best memory was the day my dad brought home a sound …

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