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Re: Market value for popular or rare classic computer hardware

in Milliways
I've made a list I've shared with my wife and brother as I have a lot of money sitting in these boxes, explain what to do should anything happen to me. The S478 for example would be lucky to sell for £100. it's GF6800 Ultra alone could probably sell for the same price. That's generous. I will …

Re: soundblaster audigy

I hope that works out for you, but unfortunately, I also read that in circuit programming of the EEPROM on Live and Audigy cards did not work (desoldering required). I have only ever tried it myself on X-FI card (for modding, not repair) and was never even able to read the EEPROM on several …

Re: Upgrading semi modern pc ssd

in Milliways
If you want to go for future proof, you could buy an m2 nvme drive and a pcie adapter. Personally, I would not buy anything below 2TB. For gaming, the performance difference vs. a SATA SSD should be negligible.

Re: soundblaster audigy

It is much better to get a new RX, if the prices are reasonable. It is essentially an Audigy 4, feature wise, with driver support down to XP. EAX 5 does not appear to be relevant.

Re: soundblaster audigy

It happened to me, 3com network card and intel d815eea motherboard. The subsys ids are corrupted, the card is not recognized by driver installers from creative. Should be fixable by reprogramming the eeprom, trying to do it in-circuit, i am waiting for a soic8 clamp.

Re: MP32L - Lite version of MP32 : Pi based MT32 synth

it appears there is healthy demand under 45 - 49 EUR / USD (shipping included) for such hats (including pcb / dac / midi in / oled / rotary knobs / simple case). A recent batch of 40 PI - MIDI hats was sold out in less than 2 days, with almost no advertising. Such hats + RPI seem to be usable also …

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