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Re: 486 CPU upgrade

Pardon the necro, but I stumbled upon this thread and wanted to direct the OP to the Wikipedia article regarding both the socket in his mainboard and the 486 overdrive CPU's, which came in two flavors: From the 486 Overdrive Wikipedia article linked below: "Each 486 Overdrive typically came in 2 …

Re: Nexgen - the 486 killer - WIP

I just stumbled into one of these systems, factory built by "IMC Computers" with a model number of 286-9173. It was a Craigslist find, I assumed it was a 286 at first from the model number but when I cracked it open to check for green battery death inside was greeted by the gold cap "Next Gen" …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

Salvation Army find, this is as-found without any retrobrite, it's one of the cleanest retro systems I've found... guessing it lived a lot of it's later years in a laptop bag stuffed in the back of a closet long forgotten until someone passed away or had a serious spring cleaning. Main and backup …

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