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P4 underclock help

Hello. I have p4-2.66 northwood (533mt/s bus speed, 512kb cache) And I have an msi motherboard that supports 400 to 800mt/s But it won't allow me to select 100mhz(400mt/s) for this cpu. I have another mobo, it allows, ok. When I use 400mt/s cpu on msi mobo, it works at 400mt/s. I have read somewhere …

Re: 8088 assembly help

in Milliways
Thanks you all! A few follw-up questions: 1) What improvements can be made if I was aimimg for V20, 286 or 386sx (cacheless motherboard)? (but still real-mode and no 32-bit code) 2) Does ram response times make difference to what code performs fastest?

8088 assembly help

in Milliways
Hi! My knowledge of assembly is weak-to-medium. This started as simple image downscale attempt, but I will ask in general. I am trying to copy data from one location to another, but neither source nor destination are consecutive. Like this: asm1.png My code is this: ************************ mov cx, …

DOSBOX scaling question

Hi ! Is it possible to scale dosbox asymmetrically (window mode)? For example: 320x200 to 960x400 (X*3 and Y*2) For example: 640x480 to 1280x1440 (X*2 and Y*3) For example: 720x400 to 720x800 (X*1 and Y*2) etc... If not, can you suggest a simple free program that can integer-scale a window …

HL1 demo fps counter

Hi. Is there a command to show framerate in half life 1 uplink demo? Tried net_graph 1/2/3 and cl_showfps 1, no success. Tried recording a demo then playback, playback doesn't start, gives error like "resources not loaded" or something. How to see framerate? Thanks in advance.

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