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Re: Video card upgrade for A64 X2 4400+

For now, it should hopefully be okay. I don't want to stress the 9700 too much. I will probably use the 9700 for a Win 98SE machine. I did remove the heat sink and put new thermal paste on it. I will probably end up going to a different motherboard so I can get a card, easier to find in the PCIe …

Re: Is this the Kyro II 4500 or 4800?

Nice find @aaronkatrini. There were few PCB versions. Yours looks to be the latest, and with latest chip. Great thing about it is there are no classic capacitors to go bad ;). I got this version: http://old.vgamuseum.info/images/stories/zaatharen/ST/hercules_kyroII_fwhq.jpg Caps look good on my. …

Re: Video card upgrade for A64 X2 4400+

For the listed games X800/X850 native AGP should be ok. My go-to card is usually Connect3D X850Pro Vivo, because it's relatively cheap and there's good chance to unlock additional quad pipes. X1650Pro/XT AGP with 256MB GDDR3 is also good choice. Runs FarCry (shader heavy game) much smoother then …

Re: Voodoo 2 - Heatsinks Needed?

I wouldn't glue anything on the card. (I think only Gainward cards originally came with green heatsinks). Just put dual fan bracket in slot below the card. This is my setup for Voodoo 3 with two 92mm fans blowing silently at 5V:

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