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Re: Another question about Windows XP videocard

GTX 960 should suffice to run majority of the games of the era. They will run on highest settings until you are talking about Crysis. You can also expect to see issues with the oldest games. In that case, using something like DxWnd or DXGL or DDrawCompat can be tried.

Re: Games on Vista, start not more.

Try running on Windows XP compatibility modes. This is a known issue, but nobody ever documented why it happens. I assume it's some Compatibility Layer conflicting, so you better use the XP compatibility mode.

There are RAM hoggers, and now there's an SSD hogger

I keep my old machine for tasks that take longer hours, since it consumes less electricity from the wall. Have been doing that for a lot of time, and continuing it. Since Edge stopped supporting Windows 7 officially, I decided it's time to take the machine to Win10 as a last upgrade with an SSD. …

F1 Racing Simulation

F1 Racing Simulation by Ubisoft has an issue with dgVoodoo2 where the game, on exit, starts flashing the screen. It looks like it keeps changing or enumerating different resolutions and it is stuck in a loop. The case is so bad you can't even use the Task Manager to exit the game. The native …

Re: Windows XP: is there a KernelEX?

The developer mentions that One Core API would run Assassin's Creed 4 as well as Crysis 3. Aren't they 64-bit binaries? Well that's something I wouldn't believe till I test. Since my WinXP machine is inadequate for these games, could someone verify if it's really possible?

Re: List of video card tech demos

I only have two snaps. Anyway, it came with CDs of Creative and more cards GeForce256 and the early GF2. I am looking for discs in archive. I will advise you if I can get it. @"BEEN_Nath_58" I think I have it: https://www.mediafire.com/file/24y54a20y6xl5j7 can you check it? Thanks, got it. This …

Re: OpenGLOn12

WGL and GDI are pretty closely connected (if it isn't even that the former depends altogether on the later) . Of course anything opengl related would load it (well for the moment at least, I could lowbrow see nvidia's recent DXGI presentation further evolving to spare us it). As for EmulateOpenGL …

Re: List of video card tech demos

kaiser77_1982 wrote on 2023-02-06, 15:56: I am rechecking the list of them... You forget Wanda for GeForce256. The girl is a bit scary, but it comes with a few models. I don't have the demo. I read in a few German and Dutch sites and it exists, but I can't find a file. Could you have the demo for …

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