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Methods for limiting free space available

What methods do you use to prevent DOS7.1, specifically installers from seeing large amounts of free space available? Is there a way in software to prevent an installer from seeing too much free space? For example World of Xeen reports having -2GB of free space available and as a result will not let …

Re: Witchaven 2

It is embedded in the original executable, but in the EGwhaven "patch" there is a standalone version supplied. What is interesting is the newer version works with Witchaven 1... I saw the NOLFB patch, but saw it was for XP and newer systems... That is what gave me the idea to replace the version of …

Re: Witchaven 2

On a whim, I tried an older version of DOS4GW and overwrote the one supplied with EGwhaven and I can run in 640x480 mode now... Version 1.97 (260KB) is what is provided with EGwhaven, I used version 1.95 (249KB)

Re: Witchaven 2

So using EGWH2 when set to 640x480 results in an error DPMI_mapPhysicalToLinear() failed! But if I run the normal WH2.exe when set to 640x480, the game runs... Interestingly it runs fine at 640x480 when ran within Windows and it works in my DOSBox install on my modern PC...

Re: Witchaven 2

I have this game. Tons of issues due to clockspeed. Check https://ettingrinder.youfailit.net/wh-egwhaven.html for tips and the EGwhaven version. It's better but some clockspeed issues remain (turning around in simple levels at warp speed). Very cool resource, thank you! Will read through it and try …

Witchaven 2

anyone else have this game? if so what are you playing it on? I have had this game since I was a kid, don't remember it being so buggy and temperamental to run. I played it a lot as a kid... I tried running it on DOSBox prior to setting up some retro PCs and had trouble getting it to run, so I just …

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