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Re: Aztech Waverider 32+ Problem

Even MT32 emulation (wavetide.exe /MT) sound is pretty good. i will add this card to the list in my other thread where i am tracking onboard wavetable cards capable of mt-32 presets. it's turning out to be most of them. Just checked this and I can confirm that it works well for MT-32 with this …

Re: Aztech Waverider 32+ Problem

So I had go back to this problem again. After few minutes of using this card back in 2020 it stopped to give any sound loud enough.. same problem - corrupted sound + very very silent. At that time I had no more juke to work on it :-) Lately I put a diagnose that amp went down... After change: NO …

Toshiba T4700CT & T4850CT Laptops

Yeah, I found another cute laptop next to already owned 4850CT. Nothing unusal but... This T4700 is a 486DX2 50Mhz with a sound card! I wonder what's the slowest CPU in laptop that meets both criteria - having TFT LCD and a sound card instaled. Do You own laptop that is slower? In this T4700 there …

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