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Re: Spitz retro-PC

Ok so I've made some changes im my 1st PC specs: Specs: #1 - Mainboard FREETECH P5F93 (SSocket7 1*AGP, 2*ISA, 3*PCI, 2*SIMM 2*DIMM, UIDEx2, USB) - CPU AMD k6-2-400mhz (Intel Pentium 75MHz as reserve) - Memory Micron 392 512 MB RAM DIMM 100MHz - GPU Riva TNT2 32MB ATI Rage PRO Turbo AGP 8MB + 2* …

Re: Spitz retro-PC

Can you add an external CD/DVD Drive? :) Well.... To be honest I have one spare Yamaha external CDRW drive ..... lol I'm checking up another soundcard - it's an crystal device, I can't download it from here though :-( http://vogonsdrivers.com/getfile.php?fileid=688&menustate=44,36 Provided link …

Spitz retro-PCs

Hi @all! I would like to present my Retro PCs. I'm not kinda x86 retro systems lover ( Commodore&Amiga <3 ) but anyway as a hardcore gamer, games for PC were still very nice for DOS/WinX in 80s/90s... Retro rigs listed in nest posts! * Made some changes in my 1st post to keep this topic clean&tidy …

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