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ImageDisk writing too slow

Hi. I'm finding myself spending a lot of time on ImageDisk (by Dave Dunfield), archiving and writing images with it. However, one major annoyance is that frequently when writing an image to a disk, the writing process is VEERRRY slow. When it's working fine it blasts through the sectors and writes a …

Upgrading embedded S3 Trio 64 to 2MB in IBM PC 350

Hi. On an IBM PC 350 Pentium 75Mhz machine, is an embedded S3 Trio 64 chipset with 1MB video memory. It also has 2 sockets for upgrading video memory to 2MB. So I took 2 memory chipsets from a working 2MB stand-alone S3 Tri 64 PCI VGA card, and shoved the suckers into their slots on the IBM mobo.. …

Quitting Ocean Games

So it seems that all Ocean-published games I'm playing lack an exit to DOS mechanism. I mean I tried many things: Ctrl/Alt-C Ctrl/Alt-X Ctrl/Alt-Q Ctrl+Alt+Del Ctrl+Alt+Esc Ctrl-Break Ctrl/Alt-Esc Ctrl/Alt F1-F12 Couldn't get any to work. I'm playing WWF European Rampage and RoboCop 3D. Both don't …

Re: Old Sierra games, text corruption.

Sorry to bring up this old thread again. I just want to add that -s -v caused the garbled text to become a wall of solid black on my setup. Is this related to the VGA card itself now or is it strictly the motherboard chipset/BIOS? I have a Voodoo3 PCI on an Intel X58 motherboard chipset. I was …

Re: Looking for Elvira 2 Disk 3 image

in DOS
Just to update. I got the copy from eBay, and found two things; * Disk 4 is bad, but I don't care because my original is still good.. but... * This is a different version of the game with the black screen installer. Mine has a more modern blue screen installer. The disk contents are quite different …

Re: Looking for Elvira 2 Disk 3 image

in DOS
The best I could achieve is the listing of contents of the three archives on the disk using 7zip. LHA/LHarc were unable to extract the information at all in DOS. I'm pretty sure the contents listed by 7zip are truncated too for PC8.LZH and PC9.LZH. The only file that copied successfully from the …

Re: Looking for Elvira 2 Disk 3 image

in DOS
BardBun wrote on 2021-01-08, 17:32: If you haven't already, you should start creating image files of all of your diskettes before they all start becoming faulty. Yup. Started on this too late unfortunately, but now I'm active on it.

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