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Re: Running NT 3.51 on modern hardware (Ryzen 3900x)

in Milliways
Sorry for the bump but I've a few more questions: 1. Did you try SATA disks with more than 120/128GB in size? With UniATA, can NT 3.51 be made to properly support 48-bit LBA? 2. Can NT 3.51 (with recent UniATA) be booted reliably with the SATA controller set to AHCI mode? 3. Is there a recommended …

Re: PCI Sound card for Windows 3.11 & Dos 6.22?

Anyone know if that is the correct card for those drivers? Yes, the card should be OK... You still didn't specify the exact model, but this driver is kinda universal... Did you test the card on Windows 95, 98? I have like 7 or 8 of these Creative sound cards in my collection (with ES137x ) and 2 of …

Re: PCI Sound card for Windows 3.11 & Dos 6.22?

Hi first time poster, but have been looking around for a while. I was inspired to get es1371 pci sound card because of these drivers from turkeys4me. I was not able to make them work. Can someone elaborate more on what is ment by changing the system.ini and copying the file. What should be changed …

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