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Re: Remastering games, is it really worth it?

in Milliways
My only concern with a remaster is if it was done by someone incompetent, and the result loses some details or quirks the original game has. yes i'd agree, even when the game is essentially the same but something distracting is introduced, i saw a GTA SA graphical mod that essentially just made …

Re: Remastering games, is it really worth it?

in Milliways
i can see the value in resurrecting a game for newer systems and new players - if doing that then may as well 'remaster' and add options for widescreen and maybe new controls too. If the company is making money from "old IP" then its ok i guess. for me a remaster, of most games* but especially of a …

Remastering games, is it really worth it?

in Milliways
I sometimes watch youtube videos of games, often to see how someone did something or to get gameplay impressions in the comments i'll often see comments similar to "my childhood! they should remaster this!" and often it is about games from the 2000's remastering is usually a graphical overhaul that …

Re: Unreal 1 / UT 99 best versions to play?

in Windows
I had no idea UT99 had such a complicated history regarding its patch level. Maybe there should be a table describing the changes across time? I love UT99 like many here so this thread is pretty interesting to me. To add my small piece of history, my friends and I stored a copy of UT99 on a Novell …

Re: You might about to lose all your games bought from Ubisoft

in Milliways
it's the same as with streaming movies if you buy a movie on dvd it is there unchanging and can be watched as long as the dvd and your dvd reader lasts if you rent a movie over streaming (and subscription to something like netflix is a form of renting) then you are agreeing to the terms - which mean …

Re: Market value for popular or rare classic computer hardware

in Milliways
I have to say that LGR or other top-ranked Youtubers are not a problem, the real problem is those guys who pop-up on eBay with some item, put a let's say $500 price and then every seller after him thinks that this is a Holy Grail of vintage computing and puts the similar price. And no one cares …

Re: Collection rationale

Nostalgia seems to run in 20-year cycles. It really kicks in once people hit their 30s; that when things from their own youth become sought after. It's fascinating to me to see how things like even PS2 games selling for hundreds of dollars. Meanwhile, nobody seems to want old Atari 2600 stuff. yes, …

Re: Collection rationale

It’s kinda like model Ts they should be worth tonnes but no one wants them anymore because no one is alive that drove them. There are collectors sure, but they should be worth more than they are, but they don’t have direct nostalgia anymore. That's good to know. So even it seems the retro prices …

Re: Did you create maps for games?

in Milliways
It is and it is 😊 I think making mods may actually be my biggest pastime when behind a PC nowadays and is definitely demanding on your creativity, not only artistically but also when it comes to troubleshooting a mod. Sometimes I think my main hobby may actually be 2 things: Troubleshooting and …

Re: Half Life 2 - Version differences?

IIRC at one point the engine and the whole game got updated to Episode 2's version of Build and it improved lighting significantly for the game, adding things like HDR to it as well as updating some character models. If I am misremembering someone will probably correct me on this, I'm sure :) From …

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
GTA IV is 15 years old Early games featuring this kind of "realistic" higher definition graphics that have been the norm for so long are 15+ years old now i played it years ago and recently started again great setting, interesting people and protagonist. never quite as engaging as GTA san andreas …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

ynopot wrote on 2023-07-13, 16:19: Under construction. AMD Athlon XP 2000+ (Thoroughbred 1.66 GHz) und_con_a_xp_1667_0.jpg und_con_a_xp_1667_1.jpg nice simple case but i like floppy and optical at right-angle low and mid range athlon XP are a great alternative to late P3 and early P4

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