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Re: What are some great games for 8088 computers?

in DOS
Playing Secret of Monkey Island on an 8088 is torture, but there it is on the front of the box. Barely playable was the norm back then, if you think Monkey Island was slow on an 8088 Secret of Monkey Island is quite playable (albeit a tad sluggish) if you've got a Turbo XT. I sure wouldn't want to …

Re: IBM VGA BIOS initialization

in PC Emulation
I seem to recall that "Vertical Retrace" (both the status bit and the optional interrupt) is triggered by the scanline counter reaching Vertical Displayed End. The intention must have been to inform the program "okay now you can write to video memory without worrying about screen tearing". …

Re: What is a genuine PC?

in Milliways
I did not know this! The source I recall reading on the matter (wish I remember what it was) led me to believe that the creation of a clone army was unintentional on IBMs part and more or less resulted from them "rushing it" - ie. the use of off-the-shelf parts was more of a timesaver than a …

Re: What is a genuine PC?

in Milliways
It's the use of off-the-shelf parts that allowed the reverse-engineering and cloning of the early IBMs so easily, and effectively allowed all the clone-makers to piggy-back on IBM's brand and software selection. There wasn't any reverse engineering required, IBM literally published the full …

Re: Converting a PC Booter Game to Cassette Tape

Personally, I think it's a shame that IBM engineers removed the port. That was soo unnecessary. Couldn't they at least leave some Cassette IN headers on the later motherboards? Just like for the internal PC Speaker (which was Cassette OUT )? For a long time I never understood the bizarro design of …

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