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Re: Video games are too heavily monetized these days

in Milliways
Every single time I see ingame monetization with buyable ingame currencies it just takes you out of the experience of the game. It's not about having fun but considering "how much I'm going to spend on this" or "I am not going to spend on this but others will gain an advantage". Maybe I'm in the …

Re: Geforce FX 5200 upgrade?

amxcs wrote on 2023-01-04, 16:44: Hmm.. https://i.imgur.com/6LD8dWv.gif […] Show full quote Hmm.. Any of the cards listed previously ie. slower 9550, 9600 variants will be at least 2x performance upgrade to a 64bit FX5200. 😁

Re: Geforce FX 5200 upgrade?

For 10$ it's a good upgrade. All nvidia cards that are comparable a lot cost more and have noisy active cooling. 9600 is ~20% below ti 4200 in DX8 titles but on par or better in DX9 titles. You can try to overclock core from ~320mhz to 400mhz with a fan directed at the card. Memory speeds are …

Re: "Fake AGP" slots?

Yet most of them do not have drivers for W98 (or any non-NT OS). So it seems you are either at the mercy of your final build deciding to play along, or break stuff completely - in W98 that is. Otherwise running these mobos in WXP seems pointless, you can go straight to final 775 stuff with …

Re: "Fake AGP" slots?

That actually proves my point: 8800GTS 320mb (not enougb VRAM) = bad performance. X1900XTX 512mb (enough VRAM) = good performance. So, if you've low on VRAM, more transfers happen on a slow PCIEx4 and it chokes FPS? Again, if you're hovering around 60FPS, those kind of % drops in FPS could mean sub …

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