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Re: Highres rendering patch

Tested it and it works great. Though I can't get openglide to render the games in fullscreen in WinXP, it is always using current desktop resolution with game screen in the upper left corner of the screen with black background around. Also, are the patches from "Various patches for OpenGlide" …

Re: 3dfx voodoo chip emulation

run dosbox from within the ide (F5). if under win9x, make sure 3dfx is recognized and the drivers are installed. Still doesn't work. DOSBox debug window shows (last 8 eight lines): 27407217: PCI:reg 4a fct 18; addr 80001848 27407217: PCI:read pci (80001848) 27407217: PCI:reg 4b fct 18; addr …

Re: directdraw hack

in Windows
Here is the essay from that guy who wrote the patch for XCOM: http://f0dder.reteam.org/essay02.htm Can this be of help? Can it be incorporated in your ddraw.dll as a generic solution for that problem? Because at least one other game comes to my mind that exhibits same symptoms as unpatched XCOM …

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