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CDROM Emulator?!?

https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/HGcAAOSw6atfNKAl/s-l500.png I wonder if anything like this exist on a reasonable price for ATA which similarly to the Gotek can take .iso images and boot from it. It would save a lot of pain for me because I love to play around with old OS-es and although I have …

Re: Using Audigy drivers with a Sound Blaster Live

Ok finally I had a chance to test this and come to thank for the solution. The Audigy2 driver works like a charm. Both DOS games and Windows games are working with my SB0100. The only issue I have sometimes that after boot the VxD part (windows part) of the driver malfunctioning eg: any apps like …

Re: Scrolling in WFW3.11?!

in Windows
Yeah this might be a dead-end until win 3.1 source leaks like XP and some fans decide to add this functionality. What I found is: Turns out I was wrong, The Windows 3.1 SDK does in fact define WM_MBUTTONDOWN and WM_MBUTTONUP. No built-in applications use it, and very few other applications do either …

Scrolling in WFW3.11?!

in Windows
So the question is in the subject: was this ever even supported to use the middle scroll with a mouse for WFW3.11? (If no other way with a 3rd party app) It is the last member of the 3.x family so if there is a chance to be supported it must be in this version. In the control panel there is pretty …

Re: Best Chess for Win9X?

in Windows
Thanks a lot, yeah that's all I found for Win3.1 GNU Chess 3.21 not too eyecandy ;) This Power Chess I do remember I will give it a try. Assuming that every1 is watching the idiotbox is foolish, I haven't watched TV in the last 20 years, not enough time for it but now that you saying: The Queen's …

Best Chess for Win9X?

in Windows
Although I don't say it was the most sophisticated but we can call Battle Chess one of it's best for the DOS era: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6HYbQCRwgk I wonder if you know any good GUI chess made for Win9X.

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