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Re: Building retro gaming PC 1999

For 1999, with Voodoo graphics and sound blaster, what you could have was : - A slot 1 pentium 3 (I don't know the speed that were available at the time but I'd say about 650/700MHz max) - A slot 1 motherboard with i440BX chipset - A 3Dfx Voodoo 3 3500 (3000 or 2000 can be bought for cheaper though …

Building retro gaming PC 1999

Hi Boys... my English is not very good so I apologize ... :-) I would need your help. I want to build a retro gaming PC from 1999, but all components must only be until 1999. I do not want to use everything above this year. I already have a keyboard, a mouse, speakers,a monitor and windows 98SE I …

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