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Re: SB16 vs. WSS compatibility - what was more common?

in Marvin \ Sound
Quite contrary with PCI - there was a bunch of SB16 compatibles, but not a single WSS compatible, right? Anything to add to the above lists? ESS Solo and Maestro (at least "1") seems to be WSS compatible: http://bitsavers.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/components/ess/ESS_Solo1.pdf https://dosdays.co. …

Re: List of hardware FM synth implementations

in Marvin \ Sound
Also I have read in another thread about an Aztech FM, but couldn't find anything about it, to my knowledge all Aztech cards have either OPL3 or licensed integrations. Does anyone know if that Aztech FM is real, and if so, on which cards we may find it? Am I missing any other hardware FM synths? …

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