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Re: The bracket thieves

Thank you all for the advice, I've been using Mozilla for years (the fire fox was a lizard back then) and it should be on Gecko's core, if I'm not mistaken? I don't understand, but today the links work for me, and I get to the site without any problems or reports - I can't figure out why Sitelock …

Re: The bracket thieves

I tried using a bracket from SB128 PCI on the Crystal card, the holes match, but the height does not (the ISA card is otherwise high than the PCI). Finding the same but non-working and unrecoverable card from which to use bracket is more of a rarity. I'm thinking of drilling holes into a full plug …

Re: The bracket thieves

That makes sense. But those cards are on sale in a private advert, so maybe the card seller was getting the cards from the recycling yard and reselling them. Too bad, they're worth more to us when they're complete. Do You have any tips on what bracket to replace or how to fix the card in the case?

The bracket thieves

I wonder who and why steals the brackets from the cards? I've seen a lot of cards in adverts (graphic, audio, network or I/O) that were missing. If they were nonfunctional, I'd say they're taken to metal, but functional? It is not easy to replace them with others due to differences in pitches and …

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