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Re: Mickey Saves the Day

in Windows
I had no problem installing and playing the game without dgVoodoo 2. After the installation (did with otvdm, the installer is a 16-bit one), I launched the game as it is, without any fixes or tweaks. No black screen, no notification, nothing. I have Windows 10 too with a 1060 6GB GTX GPU. Probably …

Re: Software Rendered games running very fast

in Windows
Issues fixed • Link Variable game speed • Link Game speed may constantly shift between too fast and too slow. Instructions[citation needed] Reboot Windows. BEEN_Nath_58 wrote on 2021-08-12, 03:36: Dancsi40 wrote on 2021-08-11, 21:05: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Recoil Doesn't have what I need …

Re: Last Bronx PC - Patch to add FMVs back to the game

in Windows
Use winevdm, it let you run/load 16-bit applications. https://github.com/otya128/winevdm If you have a 64-bit Windows, 16-bit applications will not run and you have to use this software. Pretty sure the file is 16-bit Yes, but now LB_PATCHED.EXE not working with my windows (win 10 pro) Why don't you …

Re: Black Mirror 1 seems to only run with software rasterization?

in Windows
Try this one : https://www.gog.com/forum/general/ddrawcompat_yet_another_directdraw_wrapper/page1 It's for games using DirectX versions 1 to 7. That includes some older Direct3D renderers. I used the file with Nocturne and solved the problem with intro video not rendering + get higher resolutions …

Re: dgvoodoo2 Indeo support

I just tested this DDraw wrapper (along with dgVoodoo 2 other 3 .dll files) with Nocturne and I can confirm that the intro video plays now and I can select higher resolutions in the video option :) https://github.com/narzoul/DDrawCompat. The latest version of the wrapper/file is 0.30. The person …

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