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Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
I've recently put my pcs to rest and bought a SNES which I enjoy enormously. At the moment I'm playing donkey Kong country 1 and it's awesome. I'm a bit disappointed neither of my two old 1280x1024 displays works with my OSSC though, not sure if there is s setting or if I need to get yet an other …

Re: Compaq Prolinea

Hello, sorry to revive an irrelevant thread, but I cannot yet post new threads. I have a Compaq Prolinea 486/33 and I wish to add a CDROM drive but I need the special Compaq drive rails. I was wondering if anybody has the measurements & dimensions for these rails and can share as I want to attempt …

Re: Did you create maps for games?

in Milliways
robertmo wrote on 2022-08-19, 19:37: bad level design 😉 https://tv.trojmiasto.pl/Przy-schodach-donika … ideo-63174.html Agreed. Someone could really hurt themselves! (Is it an abandoned part of a subway or something?)

Re: Freedos 1.3

in Milliways
What build do you have and what gap does it fill for you except curiousity? I would like to try at some point but o need some motivation. 😀

Re: Market value for popular or rare classic computer hardware

in Milliways
Imo broken items are too expensive. There is very little difference in price between non working items and working items. Which is really a shame as we all should encourage repairing of old items so the hobby can live on. Instead items are sold as 'untested' and might actually be thrown away by an …

Re: Reasons to hate modern games

in Milliways
https://www.pcgamesn.com/diablo-immortal/microtransactions-100-million Diablo Immortal microtransactions have made over $100 million from player spending on mobile platforms alone, says a report from SensorTower on the RPG game Boggles the mind doesn't it? That's it, I've lost faith in mankind. ( …

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
Almoststew1990 wrote on 2022-07-24, 06:00: I'm playing Star Wars Dark Forces 2. Never completed it before, and this is the GOG version on Windows 7. It works fine with 3D acceleration. You can hear the bar music already can't you. Dudu dudu dududu dududu-dudududu.

Re: Looking for a compact DOS machine

in DOS
I guess there are ATX motherboards with highly compatible built in video cards, but you probably need a separate sound card for dos fm sound. Some PCI sound cards can work in dos even without sb link. Maybe you can get some kind of riser board and make it smallish. The cheapest option is probably to …

Re: Is gaming a waste of time?

in Milliways
Is gaming a waste of time? Ok, I'll try to answer your question from a non-gamer perspective. First of all, any activity at the same time can be considered as a serious occupation and as a complete waste of time. It depends on your definition of "serious occupation" and "waste of time". …

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