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What is this forum doing to me??

What is this forum doing to me?? Less than two months ago I wrote in my very first post : I realized I don't really have enough love for retro IBM PCs as I thought... I kinda remembered how bulky and heavy and noisy they are and any vague impulse for rebuilding one went down the drain... If it was …

Re: Which Win version for late 90's games?

Hi guys! thank you for your warm and helpful replies! I do have an XP license and also a disk image of a clean install with the OS activated back in the day, that should be no problem. I also just started to get acquainted with DOSBox very recently so I could easily combine those two I believe. But …

Re: Retro confessions. What are yours?

Yeah, it is of course much more convenient, but I reckon that keeping, maintaining, refurbishing those old systems is a goal in itself and not a justa a meaning to use old software. And I admit to have some envy for those who have the time and dedication that it takes. ABD.

Which Win version for late 90's games?

Hi there, I'm new to this forums and my searches didn't bring any relevant posts for this question, so I hope this is the right section for this. I am considering commissioning my former PC (Core i3 3rd. Gen, 8 GB RAM) to some gaming but unsure of which windows version would be best. As an example, …

Re: Retro confessions. What are yours?

Hey there, This os my very first post here and when I saw this thread I figured it would be nicer to start with a confession to introduce myself rather than a "help me" first post. So, I must confess that by browsing many of these threads ( ' been lurking for a while now... ) I realized I don't …

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