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Re: SiS 530 A2 - no d3D / openGL

According to SiS datasheet 530 chipset supports 3d "The A.G.P. internal interface is supported for integrated H/W 3D VGA controller. The integrated VGA controller is a high performance and targeted at 3D graphics application. In addition, the integrated 3D Video/Graphics controller adopts the 64bits …

SiS 530 A2 - no d3D / openGL

Today I startd to tinker with the dumpsterdived socket 7 SiS 530 motherboard (from aptiva 2170) with cyrix MII 233. I managed to install win98SE no problem but em having now problems with 3D or lack of it from the onboard IGP. I've tried video driver 530_108.zip from Phill's lab website and the same …

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