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Re: full screen

You can try running xrandr from an xterm; that'll display a list of available resolutions and might be suggestive. I couldn't find anything in the SDL docs but I suspect that's the place to look.

Re: Feature Request: Mode 8 160x200 16 color

IIRC, this mode was fully supported by the 6845 CRTC used in the CGA; in fact I think you could even get it on a CGA, but you had to set up the mode yourself (as there was no BIOS support). I was always tempted to go digging through my Beeb's MOS to dig out the setup info and see if I could make it …

Re: dosbox for linux

esware is Debian based, so if you want precompiled you'll have to settle for 0.61. If you do decide to compile, the most common cause of problems (with compiling anything) is to forget to install the development packages first.....

Re: DOSBox 0.61 worked better

Video mode: Err, whatever the default it. I haven't messed with any video mode options. Steps taken: Documentation read, multiple versions tried, config options experimented with in the old versions It's not clear what exactly you've changed, so bear with me if you've done this already. At least …

Re: Murder makes strange deadfellows

How can I install this patch? Ah, well, there are three ways to do that... -grab the latest CVS, apply patch, compile, install. Since you're asking the question, I doubt this is a good route for you -Hope the DOSBox maintainers decide this is worth including and put it in the main source tree, then …

Patch: INT15 joystick support

The attached patch corrects the joystick axis INT15 support. The position as stored is a float (-1.0,1.0) so simply casting it doesn't do much. Canonical values are 0-1A0 for a 250kOhm stick but it seems 100kOhm are more common so I chose 0-FF. Also handles case of having one joystick active but not …

Re: Murder makes strange deadfellows

Hmm, what I'm getting here with 0.63 is two splash screens with grey background (and accompanying redbook audio), then scene with a castle, then about a second of music and out to the prompt with "aborted." Is that what you're seeing? IRunning under the normal core it exits with "Exit to error: PIC: …

Re: Sync. Out of Range in full screen mode

MS Knowledge Base. Specifically, try changing the refresh rate under DirectX. I'd also check to make sure your monitor drivers are either "Plug and Play Monitor" or match your monitor (Samsung's website isn't cooperating with me right now so I can't direct-link you).

Re: Privateer Joystick Problem

I have a similar problem in WC2 under DOSBox. However, the joystick seems to work fine even without running the calibration routine. In that case, it was *not* a DOSBox problem as the same thing happens under real DOS. Thread on the topic. Can you fly okay without calibrating the stick?

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