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Re: Getting CD Audio to work on PCEM Win 98SE

I know I'm a bad guy from a past life reincarnated but I plan to turn myself in to the authorities of wherever my problems are from when opportunity shows up to do so. So please don't hate me for something that's out of my current control. This is stupid and makes you all just as either bad or evil …

Getting CD Audio to work on PCEM Win 98SE

How to get it to work? The option for digital audio in properties is grayed out. The rest of the site is dead as a graveyard so I'm hoping it will be seen here as I would really love to get games that uses special CD music to work like Magic School Bus Explores The Ocean/Earth or Microsoft Golf,etc …

Can't enable Digital CD Audio on 86box or PCEM.

Games that require CD Audio don't play music though SFX work just fine. For example the Microsoft trial games all play fine except lacking CD audio. Going into multimedia and trying to change the drive letter does nothing as it wants to be at D: Enabling CD Audio Digital is grayed out. Emulating …

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