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Re: My Very Long Bus Adventure.

bloody PM restrictions ;) I sold one of the STB cards at any rate. I need to test the other one as I hadn't run both of them in a board. was gonna get around to comparing the STB card to a Diamond Stealth 64 VLB which uses a plain Trio64 and 60ns samsung DRAM. The STB cards have 1MB of mosfel …

Re: My Very Long Bus Adventure.

This site has started re-compressing uploaded photos, even jpegs. It used to be up to 2 MB was left untouched. Did all of them have v1.2 printed on the EEPROM? Do you know if there was a later version? some were 1.1, these two were 1.2. I dumped and uploaded the 1.2 ROM earlier in this thread no …

Re: My Very Long Bus Adventure.

I think you need 10 or 20 posts before you can PM. If you wish to relinquish another, PM me. Did they sell fast? I cannot find them using the completed items search. I sold either two or three on ebay and they all sold inside a few days for 160 or close (I take best offer on most stuff) was like 5+ …

Re: My Very Long Bus Adventure.

I'm the ebay seller who was selling these for "ridiculous prices" :) http://www.yiff.com/~libretto/junk/rom/PG64V12.BIN Hey thanks for sharing this, and more power to you if you have something and know what it’s worth. I wish I had known lol. eh, I bought 38 cards off an electronics store for 5 …

Re: My Very Long Bus Adventure.

I hear the Trio64V+ VLB is quite the rare card! How’d you come across it, got any pics? How does she perform compared to the vanilla Trio64? It's an STB PowerGraph 64V. I don't have a plain Trio64 to compare it to, so not sure. Can you please dump the BIOS ROM ? That would be very kind 👍 I'm the …

Re: Where to dump / give away hardware

in Milliways
I'm in the Toronto area and use such hardware to rebuild period-specific systems / give it out to community folks needing parts, and could take it all off your hands if you like. I'm not picky and make use of everything. Feel free to message me.

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