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Re: First Retro buid: W98SE P3 build

A new problem arose today. I installed the VIA 4 in 1 drivers (version 4in1435v) and when I start any game (Max Payne 1 and Dungeon Siege) they immediately freeze at the menu... I tried reinstalling my ti 4200 drivers, but that doesn't seem to help. Does anyone have an idea what might be the …

Re: First Retro buid: W98SE P3 build

I'm already quite happy with the rig, but I have the feeling the performance in certain games should be a bit better. Max Payne 1 doesn't run buttery smooth at 1024x768 and has some dips in FPS, whereas I have the feeling that shouldn't be the case. I have several GPU's laying around such as a …

Re: MSI K8T NEO-V + Athlon 64 - very slow 3D performance in Windows 98 (works great in Windows XP)

Yeah, figured that would be the case... I did notice one difference under Win9x. With the newest BIOS, dxdiag reported "AGP Texture Acceleration" as "Not Available". But with the oldest BIOS, it is now correctly reported as "Enabled". DX9_Win98.jpg Under WinXP, this setting was reported as "Enabled …

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