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Re: I de-CQMed my AWE32 PnP CT3990...!

Check for short circuits. You can use a multimeter in continuity check mode. It's possible a very fine solder bridge formed someplace. Do you have a good magnifying glass? Turned out that few legs of YAC516 including refH were loosely soldered so the chip was confused about output voltage range. …

Re: I de-CQMed my AWE32 PnP CT3990...!

I followed kvanderlaag and Tiido posts and modded my CT3600. It worked at first attempt; then I redid some of capacitor SMDs for cleaner look and OPL3 became mute. After some fiddling I was able to get some faint sound setting input in MixerSet to midi; I took capacitors off and measured them again …

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