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Re: Crazy Idea - MT32 WaveBlaster Card

Serda Co is one of few stores creating these cool gadgets and I hope they stay around for a long time. For sure there is taxes, insurance, support, etc costs, and the volume of production might not be high enough for a low margins. I just shared my opinion on this specific product and how it can be …

Re: Crazy Idea - MT32 WaveBlaster Card

So... this is an old thread but it appears an MT32 on a Waveblaster compatible card is now available! Serdashop do the WP32 McCake which is SF2/MT32 emulator on a waveblaster card. It uses a compute module 4, and runs MT32-PI software. Using CM4 for MT32 pi is an overkill; a RPi Zero 2W is cheaper …

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