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Re: Unknown scsi tape drive ? help !

in Milliways
Found a picture of the inside of an ADR tape cartridge: Filename EU-KwnjUUAEWW-J.jpg File size 256.33 KiB Views 235 views File comment stolen from twitter Looks like my guess was right - physically it's an incompatible/proprietary variation of the extended mini QIC/Travan cartridge. Will probably …

Re: Unknown scsi tape drive ? help !

in Milliways
Weird - never seen one of those before. Seems to share some design similarities with QIC so presumably shares its flaws too - tension band in direct contact with the oxide layer of the tape that will eventually perish and either glue itself to the tape or fall to bits and lose its ability to advance …

Re: EtherDFS - a network drive for DOS

EtherDFS is a very slim DOS network solution. It uses the network filsystem interface Microsoft introduced around DOS 3.x, and slightly adjusted in DOS 5.0, and just forwards whatever MS-DOS 5.0 requests from the network driver. The limitation is that this interface between MS-DOS and the network …

Re: I found an open FTP with lots of software and drivers

in Milliways
If you want you can also upload it to ftp.zx.net.nz/pub/incoming with an FTP client or rsync (ftp.zx.net.nz::incoming) and I'll see if I can make it available alongside what I've already got archived. Or I can pull it from archive.org once its uploaded there. Edit: ftp.zx.net.nz is back online (13: …

Re: Has anyone got PC-NFS working in DOS?

I doubt you'd need the full Lanman or MS-Net client for DOS (those suck enough conventional memory on their own without adding an NFS client on top!), you probably just need the underlying TCP/IP stack and NDIS driver for whatever NIC you're using if even that. I would have thought the PC-NFS client …

Re: Digital Venturis FX5150s

Just in case you don't already have it, these may be of interest for your FX-2: AG-R4STD-BH - Venturis FX-2 System Software CD Version 1.3, August 1997 AK-R3RTD-CA - DIGITAL Startup DISKETTE, Intel Based Systems, Disk 1 of 1 More FX-2 drivers are here: https://www.zx.net.nz/mirror/h18000.www1.hp.com …

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