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Re: Whats the most rare piece of hardware you own?

in Milliways
I have a TEMPEST VAXstation 3100. I don't know if its truly rare (after all, I just bought this one on ebay for not very much several years back) but a VAXstation wasn't exactly something you could just buy from your local computer store and a version thats specially shielded against spying through …

Re: What is easiest/lightest mapped network drive setup for DOS?

in DOS
NetWare would be the lightest - on a 386 or better with emm386 loaded and DOS 5.0+ it doesn't use any memory below the 640K line at all ( mem /c output , Client32 is the NetWare client). On anything older (8086/8088/80286, DOS 3.2-4.0) it will want somewhere around 60K of conventional memory …

Re: Looking for: HP Vectra VL 6/xxx Series 6, System diskette flashable BIOS (wcb4z1en.exe)

I have been wondering lately how long before some bean counter at HP switches off that ftp server. A lot of stuff on there isn't HPs anymore as a result of the HP/HPE split or is extremely "obsolete". I guess the warning sign will be HP posting drivers for new systems on their website or some CDN …

Re: NetWare Client and Conventional Memory

Without loading emm386.exe the client won't automatically load high and so uses around 4KB of conventional memory ( mem /c output , module is NIOS). Total free conventional memory is unchanged but it is 4KB lower than if I wasn't running the network client or emm386 at all. I think usually I'd have …

NetWare Client and Conventional Memory

Recently I saw some posts here on optimizing conventional memory. Somehow in my 20 years of playing around with vintage computers and DOS I don't think I'd ever used memmaker or even run the mem command. Surely that can't be right. Maybe I've just forgotten - I've not really used DOS much in the …

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