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Re: What Voodoo graphic to buy?

It's AGP 8x and I think to buy it, will it work with Voodoo 3 2000/3000? I mean I need Glide then Voodoo, I need DX bought one or this one overkill. :D Unless you're planning to buy a PCI version of the Voodoo3 (and swap back and forth in the BIOS betweeen PCI/AGP video boot), you will need a …

Re: Dune 2000

First, try setting your desktop to 16bit. This game is only 16bit color, anyway. If that doesn’t work, Then try setting your desktop to 640x480, 16bit color, 60hz refresh rate. Run the game. Next, can you try a different monitor? (Though I think the problem lies with the G200.) Try removing DirectX9 …

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