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Re: [How to Fix] Windows 98SE setup gets stuck

in Windows
Search for the Internet for 'REMOVED' and you can find a Windows boot disk (or bootable ISO). You can use any version of 95/98/ME floppy disks for any version of Win9X without hassle if you start the computer with CD support and then navigate to the D:\WIN95, WIN98, or WIN9X directory and run setup …

Experiences Upgrading Socket 7 Cache from 0KB -> 512KB? Recommended Video Card? Best 1993-98 Games for Pentium 200MMX?

I FINALLY got hold of a compatible 512KB cache module to upgrade my ECS motherboard (which has zero cache), and I'm ready to put this machine together. Actually... I'm stuck trying to find a compatible 32MB SDRAM module for this board but presume 32MB of RAM will be installed. I am a Pentium II and …

Re: What scary games require booze to take the edge off?

in Milliways
The game doesn't even have to be scary - Try making a series of jumps in the original Super Mario Bros. in World 8 without falling into a pit or hitting the swinging fireballs with your last guy close to beating the highest score you ever had and the timer countdown ticking away toward impending …

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