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Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

Interesting. Seems to include sources for the D3D/DDraw driver under MIT license. I don't remember if there was a sample driver available for this. Not sure which pieces are missing, though. Can't find the Win9x VXD.

Re: Issues running VirtualBox & Win98

No surprise, Windows 98 is a supported guest OS on VirtualBox. Sorry what do you mean "permissions crap " ? On the guest -- Windows 98 ? Or is it a VirtualBox error ? The USB 1.1 controller should be recognized by Win98's builtin OHCI driver, no drivers required.

Re: Why did they rush Windows 11?

Compatibility layers will always have an overhead. That's just not true at all, mostly because "compatibility layer" is a very loosely defined thing. Technically I could even argue than any Win32 application runs under a "compatibility layer" even in Windows. You should not think that it's adding …

Re: Why did they rush Windows 11?

A related question is why they suddenly backed down on their promises of Windows 10 being the "last point version of the operating system". I would even venture and guess the answer to these questions has something to do with the significant increase in the hardware requirements, in an era where a …

Re: Some experiments on NT 3.51 software compatiblity.

KeSetSwapContextNotifyRoutine sounds like the one which sets the task switching callback (which will run FXSAVE). Sadly the fact it is lacking may be a dealkiller. Since KeSetAffinityThread doesn't exist on NT 3.51 I've been looking for alternatives that can be used, to configure the registers on …

Re: Some experiments on NT 3.51 software compatiblity.

Do you know what kernel symbols are missing ? I can see that FXSAVE opcode is present in INTLFXSR, so my wild guess is that NT4 has a private API that allows setting a task switching callback . This would be very heavyweight so I rather doubt they would put this API in NT3 for no reason, but it does …

Re: Some experiments on NT 3.51 software compatiblity.

During the progress he encountered an issue that there were SSE opcodes in the executable, which NT 3.51 cannot run out-of-box, as the CPU needs to have some registers set before it could run SSE instructions, and that requires kernel mode code (such as drivers). After setting those registers, he …

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