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Re: Information on 'imaging' a hard drive, please.

in Milliways
Is that an internal hard drive? Because the official ones sold by Microsoft maxed out at 500GB, which would mean that OP's Xbox has already been modified to accept unofficial ones. And in that case, yes I believe doing a 1:1 clone to another drive of the same size would work perfectly fine, security …

Re: WinGPT, AI chat bot for Windows 3.1

> why not include contemporary answers? I don't think there's any reason other than to be cute/edgy/whatever. However, since it is part of the client side query string, one can easily fix that, even without recompiling - grab a hex editor, open the exe, find and overwrite the "as if it is 1992," …

Re: Heretic in 640x480?

in DOS
The Mac version is just yet another source port (MacintoshR********y has more info - "This unofficial 1999 port by Brad Oliver..."). And RetroArch doesn't have a core for it so it wouldn't be of use to OP anyways.

Re: Old keyboards

"Old keyboards" aren't desirable. Good (and/or memorable) ones, that may or may not happen to be old, are. Few people bother trying to sell the shitty stuff, that's why average prices are higher than with new stock - most of the crap has already been filtered out. Also, ignore still-available BIN …

Re: Status Of MIRC

> Status Of MIRC mIRC is doing fine. Mostly... the author decided to not honor the lifetime licenses he sold, because he'd like more money. Oh, you didn't mean the client software, just made a typo? Well then... > Status Of M IRC There are still multiple networks going, complete with the occasional …

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