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Re: Same wire from PSU has a sata connector and molex one - can I use for both SSD and GPU?

SSDs usually draw from the 5V line (...at least I haven't encountered one that didn't). Now, if your GPU wants 12V then you can stop right there and just do it, since they're using entirely different wires (that just happen to be stuck in the same plugs). If it wants 5, then... well, what choice do …

Re: Recommended boot manager for quad boot from single drive (DOS / Win 95 / Win 98SE / Win XP)

Since each drive would have its own MBR, I'm assuming this should work. Any feedback on this? Do note that doing it this way, you'll be going through the BIOS' boot device selection a lot, which you may or may not mind. If you do, you need to pick a bootloader than can "jump" from one device to …

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