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Re: Best OS for dual 233 mmx.

SP4, and I think the a final pack of updates if it exists. Unless someone know of a major show-stopper, I can't think of why you might not want to be as up to date as possible. Win2k wasn't quite as DRM'd up and anti-user as later versions of Windows, and there was never a major overhaul like before …

Re: Best OS for dual 233 mmx.

I used to run a 98lite/NT4 dual boot, single CPU, and under NT4 OpenGL was faster than 9x on my TNT. I replaced the dual boot with Win2k once I got a copy (thanks, The Tower FTP, I miss you. She was my first love, er, first dodgy FTP server account). I also have, in storage, probably now dead, dual …

Re: Software to resize NT4 partition

I like GParted too, have it on my network boot server to make the most dangerous game more convenient to play 😀 One thought for NT, what about a full check disk? chkdsk /s /v c: (double check those options) and reboot it, so it does the check during the boot. Then shutdown and try PM.

Re: Screen turns white (SiS630 on laptop)

I don't see mention of the service pack level you're at. If you're not on SP4 (and IIRC a final post-SP4 round-up pack of updates), then try installing that before the SIS driver. If you need a good ISO of win2k to start again, I think REMOVED I don't see a Danish version, sadly. The one called " …

Re: Screen turns white (SiS630 on laptop)

Have you got a VGA port? If so, does a monitor jump into life after the loading screen when the built-in screen goes white? Maybe if there is a cycle display button on the keyboard, that might fix the problem. The gif, to me, looks like the picture signal is being cut, and the screen just fades to …

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