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Re: No Upper Memory?

The problem with memmaker was it was not Win95 (and later) compatible. I used QEMM (sic?) for a long time until I finally figured out how to make boot disks. I basically had a list on the boot disk of what games used which boot disk. If a game didn't need mouse or CD ROM support it was pretty easy …

Re: Are Voodoo graphics card THAT good ?

As a former 3Dfx beta tester the whole 32- it thing as a pain in the butt public relation wise. Nvidia had 32 bit and people were taking shots at 3DFX for it. At the time though, it didn't make much difference visually. Which was a problem because 3Dfx didn't address it fast enough (there were other …

Re: Chia cryptocurrency - Mining on HDD and SSD

in Milliways
I asked Vinton Cerf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vint_Cerf during a talk at our work about what he thought about crypto currencies and he was very adamant it is all a Ponzi scheme: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponzi_scheme A friend was involved early on and was literally meeting people in dark …

Re: What stuff are you into outside the retro computer scene?

in Milliways
what about a heat pump for your ev conversion? ... But if you are looking for a easy heater grab a few 120v ceramic ptc heaters from good will and put them into a new housing. Three or Four of them in series should be about what you are looking for as far as 400v systems go. If you need more heat, …

Re: What stuff are you into outside the retro computer scene?

in Milliways
I am into all forms of motorsport with 4 wheels including Formula E but mostly because of the technology and not so much because of tiring burning etc... Heck, Top Gear proved even grannies can do donuts so there is not a great deal of skill there.... I am currently rebuilding a '72 Triumph Spitfire …

Re: Dos 6 conventional memory tricks

Basically.. Yeah In general if you could afford it you put the operating system on one hard drive and all other stuff on another as you tend to read from one and write to the other thus saving (admittedly milliseconds) time. It was probably not very useful.... There was also a trick of doing this …

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