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Re: DDLINK: Easily move files between/To/From DOS systems

in DOS
I always used FastLynx back in the day. Similar program, similar concept-- even similar "Midnight Commander" inspiration on UI. Glad to know that there is a "No, really-- please use this! I dont charge for it!" alternative, since the maker of FastLynx still exists, and wants your money still. (See …

Re: CGA/EGA CRT to modern PC?

Suggest a scan converter. https://www.diyretroarcade.com/products/vga-rgb-cga-ega-yuv-to-hdmi-video-output-converter-board-hd-for-arcade-blue Maybe not THAT one, but something similar. There are many such products out there. EGA is TTL video signals, where VGA is Analog video signal. EGA and CGA …

Re: Considering building a i486 Computer with either VLB or PCI video card support on slots

I did not use many vlb cards; i was young and poor back then. I just vaguely recall pain with mine, concerning it and my vlb ide controller. I can't recall the specifics. I vaguely recall the card constantly trying to creep out of the slot. PCI with my first pentium was much nicer, that I do recall.

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