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confused about cycles

I'm using a music sequencer under DOSbox. If I set CPU cycles to 6000, it works. If I set higher CP use goes up, but not much, BUT the tempo slows down a lot. If I set CPU cycles very low, tempo goes slows down a lot. I'm a bit confused as to why it happens in both directions, and where I want to be …

Re: DOSbox crashes

So why use ddraw for non game apps? Better than opengl in some way? Is it very likely this was my crashing issue? It seems to have stopped, which really worries me, as I use Dosbox on stage for music performances. It has always been 100% reliable until the other day..

Re: DOSbox crashes

Is there anywhere in a wiki or whatever that explains what ddraw actually is, vs opengl etc in Dosbox? I don't use Dosbox for gaming, so I'm looking for nicest text image, and especially not crashng. 😀

Re: DOSbox crashes

I have two separate versions of DOSbox installed, and they are both doing it, so I wonder if if can be related to video drivers or some conflict. Yes, otherwise, PC is running perfectly. (.73, and an older specialized CVS) I changed from overlay to opengl, and will run it more today to try an get it …

DOSbox crashes

I have been using DOSbox .73 wth my music sequencer. Has run great for years. I have not changed *anything* with Dosbox or the config files but have done things like update Windows itself. As of today, every few minutes hitting a key in my Dos app will crash Dosbox competely. "DOSBox DOS Emulator …

Re: confused about MIDI in

Much appreciated. So ONLY that exact build will have MIDI input, for the time being. When Srecko adds that to the regular CVS, then eventually it will hopefully get merged in, and then someday make it into a release version. Do I have all that correct? 😀

Re: confused about MIDI in

Ok, thanks. Is there a way to tell what the latest CVS version I can use that has the MIDI input added? If I download a CVS right before .73 release, would it be in there? I can't seem to find docs on any of this..

Re: confused about MIDI in

Ah, that makes sense then. I'm curious about the process of how things get added to DOSbiox It was working great in the test CVS that Srecko made, and I've used it for ages. Doesn't that normally mean it would have made it into .73??

confused about MIDI in

There's a .72CVS that allows MIDI input. I use: mpu401=intelligent device=win32 config= inconfig=0 midioptions=inputmpu401 My impression is that .73 supports MIDI input now, but these commands don't seem to work. No MIDI in. I tried to find the new commands, but no mention of input in the current …

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