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Re: 3D Game Engine Development

in DOS
Your vertex interpolations looks good for 15 bit. Thats classic RGB iterations I'd expect to see. Is your rasterization a bit off or is your cube not welded properly? The second video I can see red peeping through on the back face when it shouldn't EVEN with no back face culling. Usually this is …

Re: Doubts about ATI rage, SiS and others with 8MB

Vector Quantisation was used as the Dreamcast 's main compression format, so the Kyro's had the hardware as well probablu. Its closely related to CLUT/Palette compression. VQ isn't as good as BC1 AKA DXT1 AKA S3TC for the same bit rate and was never standardized, probably each IHV has slightly …

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
Just started Diablo v1.00 for the first time just like if I'd brought it new at the time. Streaming as well so others can have a laugh. First 2 hours and 4 deaths 🤣 Death count is going to get very high I imagine!

Re: Network issues with Windows 98

The password might be the fact your username is used for the network user name and it has to match exactly. For RetroNAS for example, I always install Win98 as user "pi" any other name and it never works. BTW I never see anybody in the network neighbourhood but access direct (i.e. \\retrosmb works …

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