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Re: indiana jones & fate of atlantis roland

I tried the floppy version... Using the MT32->GM mode in VDMSound 2.0.4 + update1 + launchpad sounds pretty decent. You didn't mention what kind of MIDI sythesizer you're playing the music on. I have a SB Live and I'm using a 32mb GM/GS soundfont. I have a 512kb MT-32 soundfont but it sounds a lot …

Re: Death Rally & Solar Winds

Yeah I'm not sure what the deal is. I guess maybe it's trying to do something for timing or animation or memory access that isn't working under WinXP or DosBox (not that I tried it under DosBox myself). I believe the game is supposed to be able to run on a 286 if that reveals anything.

Re: Death Rally & Solar Winds

Hmm... Nope. I tried disabling *everything* in both the game and the emulation (memory management, sound hardware, etc.) It keeps locking up in the first scene of the intro. Maybe it's a timing issue - I'll try some slowdown utilities next.

Re: Death Rally & Solar Winds

Sorry to revive this old thread, but I tried running Solar Winds 1 with VDMS v2.0.4 update 1 under WinXP and it seems to freeze whenever the game tries to play a digitized sound effect. I didn't try playing without sound yet though. Has anyone had any success with this game yet?

HunterZ's first post on VOGONS

in Milliways
(original subject: BUG: Can't get LaunchPad v1.0.0.7 working in XP - see third post for explanation of why this thread is here ) Okay, my VDMSound version was getting dusty, so I installed update 1 today, followed by LaunchPad Unfortunately, when I try to run FlashBack with LaunchPad, a …

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